Minerals and trace elements are essential to our body as these are involved in the formation of our bones, our teeth, our hair, and our tissues, which explains why it is present in well-balanced meals like those of Nutrisystem. Zinc, copper, iron, magnesium – they are all useful and good for our health, but we do not always know exactly what they do and especially what foods have them. What are the virtues of these nutrients? Before getting there you may also vie the latest Nutrisystem coupons on our homepage.

Is magnesium really useful? How? 

This is the miracle pill, the supposed cure to give us energy, relieve our cramping, and reduce our stress. Magnesium is probably the most praised and most used mineral. Its advantage: it answers many indications and is easily acquired over the counter in pharmacies. It can also be found in well-balanced meal plans like Nutrisystem’s.

Magnesium remains the best-selling dietary supplement. Its effectiveness is often questioned, yet magnesium is a mineral that is essential for us, as explained by Eric Myon, pharmacist: “Magnesium is involved in over 300 enzymatic reactions, that is why it is essential to the body. At the muscular level, once you set up a contracting system, the spasm comes in through the arrival of calcium into the muscle. And to relax the muscle is replacing the magnesium level muscle. A magnesium deficiency will sometimes explain the presence of these sensations: spasmophilia, pseudo tetany, and muscle twitching. ”

Cramp, stress, irritability, fatigue – the signs are many and varied. “There are various magnesium families,” said Eric Myon, pharmacist. “These families show different salt levels and are based on magnesium salts; it has a different magnesium element content but also has bioavailability, which is the ability to penetrate cells and various digestive tolerance levels.”

Magnesium sulfate, however, is used for its laxative effect. To boost vitality, other kinds of magnesium are preferred. “Magnesium glycerophosphate is very well tolerated, or bisglycinate, which is associated with an amino acid for really excellent tolerance and good uptake in the cells.”

To assimilate magnesium better, focus on long-term cure: “Effective cure using magnesium ideally happens within three months, with a good magnesium tolerance and assimilation spread throughout the day rather than before the meal. ”

Magnesium is handled with care if you are taking other treatments or are following a meal plan like Nutrisystem’s. For optimal use, ask your pharmacist.

Minerals and Trace Elements: Frame Oligotherapy

How is a nutritherapy consultation done? Is it similar to a Nutrisystem consultation?

Tell me what are your symptoms and what you eat and I’ll tell you what you need. This could be the motto of nutritherapy, which is literally taking care of your health via proper diet and the use of dietary supplements, when necessary.

What benefits can patients get?

The goal of nutrition therapy consultations is to prevent and relieve many diseases through diet and supplements.

Clinical examination entails looking at dander (hair, nails, skin). Dander that is in good condition means that the inner membranes of our cells are also in good condition and allow good exchanges.

The use of supplements is effective provided it is followed for 18 months to observe cell renewal. The nutrithérapeute thus ensures their proper use. It is imperative to strictly follow the doctor’s advice.

If self-medication is possible, a balanced diet, such as that offered by Nutrisystem, helps make certain trace elements available in sufficient quantities. We must, however, be vigilant with the self-medication of micronutrients or dietary supplements containing iron and copper. These trace elements are very pro-oxidant even in small doses. It is not recommended to do self-medication with iron and copper.