Hi guys, my is Denis and I am a gym instructor at the Fitness Today Gym. There are five of us who together run the place: Nell, Mia, Helena, Billy and I. We’ve been running this local gym for about four years now. For four years and even before that, the question people most ask us is “How did you do it & how can I do it?” and what we always reply with is “Follow everything regularly!” Anyway, I’ll tell you about the Nutrisystem promo codes but first, I assume you’d like to hear our story.

How we began our Nutrisystem journey

The five of us went to school together and we were good friends back in school, and we still are. Four years ago, we came up with an idea to open a gym for the local people in our neighborhood. Earlier, we used to train people at different gyms, but having a gym of your own is really a great feeling. People come to us for all sorts of reasons… Some because of diabetes, some to keep the fitness level maintained, some to lose a hundred pounds and some to gain a few abs. Till about half a year ago, we only gave them diet suggestions and eating healthy options, and lots of work outs, but we realized that not everyone can do all sorts of workout and not everyone can eat the same amount. All our gym members were amazing and they were extremely happy with our gym, but they wanted us to prepare meal plans for them. When the five of us discussed about it, we were stressed. With a gym full of five instructors, we really needed a dietician, but it had only been three years since we started, and we were really not in the state to pay a dietician.

This was getting worse every single day, until one day I met a customer of my old gym that had lost over a hundred pounds. I was extremely impressed with his new body, and I thought I’d ask him for his meal plan to give to my heavier customers who come to lose weight at my gym. He told me that he got his meal plans from Nutrisystem. I had no idea what Nutrisystem was, so he took some time to explain me about it. Many sources offer Nutrisystem coupons that work in order to help you lose weight and save. After finding out about Nutrisystem, I was determined to suggest it to our customers, but the five of us decided to try it on ourselves first. That is how five gym instructors ended up starting the Nutrisystem program.

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Meals according to your fitness level

The best part about Nutrisystem is that it offers a different meal plan for a different body. There are various meal plans, so you won’t have to worry if you’re diabetic, or if you’re a vegetarian. There are different plans for women and men, with basic and core meal plans as well. And the process is easy; if you feel like none of the meal plans will work for you, you can just choose the “Uniquely yours” diet plan and choose your own menu. Four of us chose the core meal plan while one of us chose the vegetarian plan. If you call or email the Nutrisystem office, they’ll suggest you the meal plan that’s best for you. Also the staff will enlighten you more about Nutrisystem discount codes; they are really a blessing!

Nutrisystem food: Health-wise benefits, taste, portions, price and delivery

Firstly the healt-wise benefits; their food is extremely high in fibre and protein, with all meals being low glycemic and all with zero trans fat. The food is also good in ways that it does not contain any preservatives, artificial sweeteners, colors or flavors. They ensure this with the Nutrisystem nutrition promise. Also, all the meals they offer taste delicious. Their menus are not only restricted to salads but they have all types of food like pizzas, burgers, waffles, muffins and sandwiches. A Nutrisystem burger might not be the best burger you’ve ever had, but it’s still a tasty burger!

Talking about portions, Nutrisystem offers six meals a day, each at an interval of two or three hours with the other. They make sure the food is of the correct proportion, and that you don’t feel too empty or too full after having a meal. Also, all this is available at a very inexpensive price. Nutrisystem offers the most affordable meal plan I’ve ever come across. Our meals per day per person were priced only $11. Plus, searching for some Nutrisystem discount codes will actually save you $2 a day… Yes, Nutrisystem makes affordable food even cheaper! Not to forget, your meals arrive right at your doorstep!

Here are a few pros and cons that we came up with after trying Nutrisystem:


  • Different meal plans for different fitness levels
  • Perfectly portioned food: Food that leaves you not too full, not too empty
  • Helps you maintain your fitness with all the nutrition-filled food


  • Not everyone has that motivation to continue this diet plan
  • May result in abdominal difficulty in the beginning due to sudden change of meals
  • Forget about eating outside

After following the Nutrisystem program for six months, we loved how the food was super healthy. We have realized that even though it offers meal plans for all types of bodies, it doesn’t work that well with all body types. Some people have to eat a lot, and work out a lot, whereas some people eat just enough, and like short walks and not heavy work out. This is something a diet plan cannot fix. However it is, Nutrisystem is the best diet plan that we’ve come across and we have already started recommending it our customers with some of those Nutrisystem coupon codes!